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The integral process: Biodanza & chronic pain

We have exposed how the triggering of Fibromyalgia and chronic pain occurs when a set of "difficult" existential experiences, even traumatic, pile up like mountain ruins in our psyche, then in our body, thus unbalancing the whole of the organism(see definition page).

To quote Freud: "disease is when the psychic leaps into the organic"






Chronic pain and fibromyalgia trigger to remind us of our suffering psychic too long repressed.


With a multidisciplinary approach and an integral vision of the human being, the "Biodanza & chronic pain" process is  oriented to identify, name, express and then heal the wounds of the past that still have a deleterious hold on our body, and therefore on our general health.  


We are a whole whose parts are connected and inseparable, so it is fundamental to consider overcoming chronic pain as aoverall journey. Any healing process should take into account this fundamental truth.


In this process the recognition of our experiences, their highlighting, their reliving leads to an emotional release which is already a guarantee of healing. We cannot do without our emotions if we want to begin this work, we must still have the courage to dance with them, to express them by allowing them to gradually leave our body.

What is the link between the wounds of the soul and the appearance of discomfort and then of physical or psychological illnesses?

It is recognized that the wounds of the soul upset the entire existence. After trauma (illness, accident, physical, psychological and/or sexual violence, loss of loved ones, abandonment or any other suffering), we are no longer the same, our sacred essence becomes clouded, we lose our motivation to live, existence loses its savory taste, malaise and then illness await our path...

Illness occurs when part of our existence is subject to chaos. This chaos, often of an existential nature, translates into chaos of an organic nature. The disease feeds on this fertile ground to develop.

Understand the disease as an important signal from the body announcing to the individualthat something is wrong in his life, that there is a wound that requires all our attention, all our love,  it is already beginning a path of healing. Following this major awareness, a work to feel and then identify which aspects or events of our life have not been fully assimilated by our being, is necessary.

As a general rule, in the field of psychosomatics, when a traumatic event occurs in our existence, and this event has not been the subject of elaboration during an integral therapy,the resulting emotion crystallizes in a part of the brain called the amygdala, and this locked up energy gradually paralyzes the vital energy of the cells that make up our entire organism.

The "Biodanza & chronic pain" process,  accessible to  all and all,  is intended to elaborate the traumatic events that gave rise to these crystallized emotions manifesting themselves as fibromyalgia syndrome, chronic pain or any other psychosomatic illness (influence of the psyche on the body). It is obvious that, each individual being unique, traumatic events will manifest differently for each person.

Unfortunately, these traumatic events, such as an accident, a long-term illness, physical and/or sexual violence, emotional loss, a marital or other difficult relationship, a dismissal, or any other situation perceived as intolerable by the psyche, give not only to physical suffering, but most often they upset the whole existence. We can no longer be in the fullness of life, but rather in a survival system.

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The process


General objectives

The whole process "Biodanza & chronic pain" is based on findings from neuroscientific and experiential studies and research conducted around the world. These studies show that to fight effectively against pain that has become chronic, it is necessary to:


  • Identify the origin of chronic pain;

  • Studyidentify the behaviors that maintain it as well as those that help it to overcome it (Dr Benezech);

  • Offer a multidisciplinary approach resulting from a multifactorial vision of the disease;

  • Propose exercises using the most advanced techniques in the treatment of depression, chronic fatigue, lack of vitality, lack of confidence, concentration problems, chronic pain, intestinal problems (taking medication), etc. .

Specific objectives

  • Develop, through specific exercises, the desire to overcome physical and emotional suffering

  • Promoting a change in style life that wards off disease (prevention);

  • Rebuild trust, assertiveness and self-love in attendees so that they "feel" that they can and will overcome the disease;

  • Integrate that healing from illness is within each individual;

  • Anchor that our healing power is within our reach;

  • Sharing that investing in our healing is the best investment in the world!

  • Overcome, through specific exercises, other symptoms related to the disease: intestinal dysfunction, sleep problems, obesity problems, irritability,  osteoarthritis, memory problems, restlessness in the legs and/or body, etc.

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Results observed after completion of the process*

  • Reduction between 80 to 100% of chronic pain;

  • Reduction of more than 90% of chronic fatigue;

  • Elevation of endogenous mood;

  • Decreased irritability;

  • Reduced stress;

  • Relief or evendisappearance of intestinal disorders;

  • Reduction or even disappearance of sleep-related disorders;

  • Progressive ease in reading feelings and emotions and progressive listening to internal needs;

  • Significant increase in vitality and joy of living;

  • Reinvestment in physical activity that improves overall health;

  • Increased motivation to live “normally”;

  • Increased existential creativity;

  • Improved general health.

*These results were observed in participants followed individually or in non-specific groups.

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