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What are the effects of Biodanza?


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Biodanza potentiates, through very specific exercises and dances, all the genetic potential of the human being. A session of Biodanza is a bombardment of positive stimuli that acts directly on the integrative – adaptive – limbic – hypothalamic function located in our brain.


It is a system in which the movements - which acquire an existential meaning - and the ceremonies of encounter, accompanied by music and songs, induce "vivencias" capable of modifying the organism and human existence in different levels: organic, affective – motor and existential.


Our goal is to activate, through dance and group communication exercises, deep harmonizing vivencias. Biodanza is a method that promotes the affective experience of the sacred and the expression of genetic potentials that do not have a hierarchical structure, but very complex networks that potentiate themselves ad infinitum.


"Nested Bodies"

Designer Elizabeth Rojas Ruiz

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