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Admission criteria

To start a training cycle it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:



  • Participate in a weekly Biodanza group with a licensed facilitator.

  • Have completed at least 50 hours of practice (vivencias) in Biodanza.  These hours can be done at the Biodanza School of Avignon by following 2 modules as a free auditor.


  • Write a personal cover letter.


  • Fill out the registration form for the Avignon Biodanza School.


  • Have a telephone interview with the training director.


  • Be introduced by a letter written by a Biodanza facilitator, in case you are not participating in the activities given by Elizabeth Rojas Ruiz.


  • Send the complete file with a deposit check of €100 made out to École de Biodanza at the following address:  School of Biodanza, 1 chemin de la Glacière – 30210 Collias.



A new student may be accepted at any time during the first year, depending on the availability of places.


The first 11 weekends can also be followed as free listeners.

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