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Objectives of weekly lessons

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The action of Biodanza aims to raise the quality of life by improving the general state of health. Through regular participation in weekly classes, the participant initiates a  process of evolutionary growth, with rigorous progressiveness, which allows the achievement of this objective.


Considering that the Biodanza sessions produce prolonged effects, which extend over several days, it is necessary to carry them out at weekly intervals. In this way, the necessary time is guaranteed for the integration of the effects on the whole organism and on the lifestyle of the participant.


By enrolling in the weekly classes, the participant begins a process of transformation which consists of an organic sequence of positive evolutionary changes, which manifest themselves in new attitudes and new behaviors more adapted and related to life: greater confidence in oneself, increased security in the expression of oneself and one's vital needs, greater affectivity which leads to an improvement in relationships with others, better vitality and dynamism on a daily basis, a joy of living, a relearning to enjoy pleasures of life, etc.


The effects of these changes are stabilized and radicalized by weekly participation in Biodanza sessions.

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