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Elizabeth Rojas Ruiz




I was born in Chile in 1961, the cradle of Biodanza, in a family of six children and parents whose ancestors were Spanish-Basque and Chilean-indigenous. In my blood the heritage of these temperaments flows like a mountain torrent.






It was this great injury, with all the losses involved, which gave rise to the appearance of chronic pain and then to fibromyalgia at the beginning of 1985. My state of health led me to find another activity as exciting as Biodanza® in 1997 , discipline that I begin to practice with Rolando Toro Araneda in Chile.

Biodanza and chronic pain


In 2005, 24 years after my accident,  I made this terrible ordeal an opportunity to write my monograph to become a Biodanza facilitator, monograph defended in February 2006 under the title:The role of Biodanza in overcoming chronic pain". In 2018 a book is published to share with the general public  my journey and the culmination which is the creation of a method to overcome fibromyalgia and chronic pain. This exciting path begins to take the form of a process called "Biodanza & chronic pain", the path of healing through love in motion. The book"The Courage to Heal" is currently in reissue.




Multidisc studiesiplines



In 1980 I joined the University of Chile in the Geography branch. 1982 is the year of the Complutense University of Madrid where I continue my studies in History and Geography. In 1985 I entered La Sorbonne to continue my studies in the branch of Geography, a real passion! In this same university I obtained a Master's degree in Physical Geography at La Sorbonne - Paris IV in 1989. It was with this degree and my family that I left France in 1990 to return to Chile, my magnificent beloved land. After several activities I devote myself to my profession, and it is through practice and the need of the country that I specialize in the protection of the environment.








My first contacts with Biodanza were in February 1997 in Santiago. The reach and effectiveness of  of this discipline have helped me reduce stress and chronic pain since the beginning of the practice. The pleasure and joy felt gave me great relief during the countless crises.


The year 2001 was my first year of training at the Model School of Biodanza in Chile with Rolando Toro Araneda, the creator of the Biodanza system. I felt that I had to become a facilitator  of Biodanza.


I returned to live in France in June 2002 and resumed and finished my training at the School of Biodanza in Lyon, with Paula Roulin, and the defense of the monograph entitled "Biodanza: The path to healing through love in motion" ( The role of Biodanza in overcoming chronic pain). Since February 2005 I dedicate with great happiness, pleasure, passion, joy and love,  all my time spreading this wonderful Biodanza System in France and abroad.


My career in Biodanza is rich in various experiences: realization of hundreds of internships with regular practice, participation in several  international symposia and congresses, training modules of the unique training course in several areas and in several countries (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, South Africa among others, and Chile).  I specialized in Biodanza for Children and Teenagers, Biodanza in business, Biodanza and Integrating Bio Massage, Biodanza Voice, Music and Percussion, Biodanza and Poetry, Minotaur Project and Biodanza and chronic pain which is my specialty!


I am a member of the International Organization of Biodanza Rolando Toro, an organization whose objective is the preservation of BiodanzaOriginal.

An achievement of Biodanza: the need to create












My deepest beliefs...

I am eternally amazed by the life and overcoming force that nestles inside each human being.


I believe that every human is sacred and that this sacredness comes to us from the  life we carry, which has an intrinsic value, which combined with our cosmic origins gives us the power and the courage to move forward to shape our path by sprinkling it with the values of life. We are the carriers of a permanent virtuous circle.


My greatest gratitude to each person who crossed my path and to the experiences shared. These strong moments of life made me  deeply nourished and give me today even more impetus to continue to accompany you with all my love, my creativity, my momentum of life, my passion, my intuition and an immeasurable confidence in the marvelous destiny that each human being embodies: become the artisans of love and light in your own life!


Looking forward to a next meeting, creating more Life!

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I deployed this life force in the exercise of an intense in sublime experiences such as mountaineering, which I would make my passion during my teenage years, a time that will leave an indelible mark of will, perseverance, dynamism and an immense love for life, nature and its incredible beauties. In 1978 I was admitted to  the Chilean Mountaineering Selection and in 1979, after two intense seasons climbing the most majestic mountains in Chile,  I am voted the best female mountaineer in Chile. This passion,  which I was determined to make my profession, was abruptly interrupted in 1980, during a serious accident.

In my eternal curiosity for life and human beings, I have completed many other personal development training courses in order to enrich my knowledge and sharpen my intuition: DEUG in Psychology at the University of Toulouse, Reiki, School of Metaphysics, Qi Kong, Tai Chi Chuan, Coaching, Meditation, NLP Practitioner. These trainings allow me today to practice Biodanza in a personal and unique way: nourished by all these disciplines, I approach the human being in an integral way, like a living hologram, and am attentive to the needs of each participant with personalized follow-up.

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The dreams of my life: to write a book, to paint, to have a grandson and to reduce chronic pain in the world!

In 2019 I begin to fulfill this second dream: I take the brushes and launch myself into the creation of works of art, a way of expressing my deep desires to shape, mix and knead colors and textures  which quickly becomes a passion. These are magical moments when I am faced with materials that find, in my hands, a new form to be in the world. By painting I feel the need to bring out the brilliance of the light of all the colors of the rainbow!

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A destiny changed
a few seconds

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