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BIODANZA, what is it?


The BIODANZA ®, "dance of life", developed over the years by the ChileanRolando Toro Araneda, is a wonderful experience of human development and personal growth. Through movement, dances, rituals, encounters, to music from the four corners of the world, it allows everyone to reconnect with the joy of living, the happiness of meeting others and the exhilarating pleasure of expressing their own talents, to develop one's potential.


Thus, it makes it possible to resolve internal conflicts and in relation to others and the world, by gradually rehabilitating the body-heart-mind unity.

The prefix bio comes from the Greek "bios" which means life and the word "danza" is of French origin and means "integrated and meaningful movement". From the conjunction of the two was born the term "Biodanza", with its poetic meaning of Dance of Life.



Biodanza uses the dynamic music - movement - vivencia, three elements that form a unitary structure, where each part is inseparable from the function of the whole.


In the Biodanza system the integrating core of our humanity is affectivity, in connection with oneself, our fellow man, the group and the universe.


Founded in science, Biodanza is based on universal laws that allow the preservation and evolution of life.


On simple dances and movements accessible to all, linked to daily life and ancestral archetypes, Biodanza makes us rediscover the pleasure of moving, vibrating, feeling and expressing our emotions.

"His instrument is the vivencia, a Spanish word meaning 'experience lived with great intensity, here and now, which encompasses

emotional functions, internal sensations and the whole organism".




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