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school guest book

Here are some shares of what this training-process has brought to some students who have taken wings in their lives, and who are now committed to facilitating, with enthusiasm and love, the same process  that they experienced:


-  I decided to start the Biodanza training because I was "called" to facilitate. And even if I had fears in terms of the time commitment, once the decision was made, I entered into this wonderful and powerful process of deep transformation in full consciousness. The group formed a matrix overflowing with love in which I was able to release, in complete safety, a great deal of suffering, sadness and injustice from my difficult childhood. This matrix, which very quickly turned into a second family, allowed me to repair myself, to restore my value and my identity. This path allowed me to become an increasingly independent woman, able to contain her wounded little girl and give her all her love. I also gained in positioning, confidence, creativity, gentleness and open-heartedness. Today I started to facilitate and the process continues with great joy and satisfaction. I feel in my rightful place. I have only one wish, that of honoring this incredible process that Rolando Toro bequeathed to us, a real mission... humanity needs it so much and it is becoming urgent! A huge THANK YOU to you Elizabeth for allowing me this path, thank you for your demanding professionalism and all the heart you put into it to bring me to the best of me! Veronique Aguilera.


-   Biodanza allowed me to rediscover my joy and my intuition. She allowed me to let go of my past (which I can't do anything about anymore)   and to  avoid projecting myself into an anxiety-inducing future (I don't know him). Biodanza opens me to the pleasure of tasting the present moment. What a beautiful gift! Marie-Carmen Benavides.


- For me, the training involved a big leap on a personal and existential level. After three years I feel my life has turned 180 degrees. I learned to recognize what I lack and do what is necessary to complete it and what is too much for  let him go. The training in Biodanza gave me the necessary tools to illuminate my shadows, to get to know myself, to gain in interiority, all this without fear. These three years have been a very enriching, restorative experience and, the most important thing, is that today I feel alive and, as Rolando Toro said, “terribly free”. Alex Rojas.


-  Path of anchoring in the here and now, path of heart and joy, of repair  and deep healing by setting my emotions in motion, by their acceptance, their recognition. This training deconstructed me and reunited me in the love of the group, in this weaving of a link with the other, with being, with life. To feel, to love to feel what is there at every moment, present, alive... I MEET MYSELF. From wandering dreams to reverence for Life, magic of the soul that acts, thank you Rolando  for this dance of life. Coralie Dormoy.


-  This magnificent process allowed me to redefine my needs, to go deep inside me, to know myself, to re-know myself, to finally be myself, to be reborn, to come back to life and find Love and Light in me and in all living beings.  Biodanza has changed my life! Thank you Rolando Toro! Rosemary Rojas.


-  These three years of school have allowed me to do much more than training: they have been a magnificent process of development and transformation. In a very natural and progressive way, profound changes have occurred in all areas of my life: emotional, affective, professional, family... I never imagined at the beginning of the training that my life would change so much and so quickly! . Cecile Marzio.


- A restorative training for me who had rather badly lived the school passivity, the stress of the exams. A completely different path here: in gentleness, benevolence, the cocoon of our super school group: illuminating my shadows, developing qualities dear to my heart: respect, listening, humility, depth,... Today oday, I dare to say, I dare to express who I am through my body, through my singing, through my whole being. I am full of gratitude for this process which has given me so much. A huge thank you to my great dear friends who walked by my side and to you Elizabeth, for the quality of your teaching, the strength you transmitted to me and your reassuring accompaniment. Chloe Richaud.


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